Quick casinos in Estonia

Quick casinos

Quick casinos are registration-free online casinos where you do not need to open an account. Authentication takes place through a bank link. Below are all online fast casinos permitted in Estonia in 2022.

What are instant casinos?

Instant Casinos is a registration-free online casino. No need to create an account. You enter the instant casino through a bank link, which automatically works as authentication. The bank transmits the player's name, personal identification codes and bank account numbers to the instant casino. Take best casino bonus india.

Since the authentication is automatic, there is no need to separately enter unnecessary data, such as e-mail, phone number, home address, etc., into the instant casino. There is also no need to submit additional documents to verify the person, because the entire verification process takes place in instant casinos through a bank link.

How exactly do instant casinos work?

Quick casinos have an agreement with banks operating in Estonia through the payment intermediary Trustly.

By logging into the instant casino through the bank link, the bank securely transmits information to the instant casino through the Trustly payment system, where it is checked that the player is at least 21 years old, has not set himself a national gambling restriction, etc.

The check is automatic and immediate. Simply press the login/continue playing button, choose the bank that suits you, where you have a bank account, and use the bank's login data. At the same time, you can also make the first deposit immediately.

When do I want to stop playing?

If you want to stop playing, just log out of Instant Casino and that's it. When you return later, simply use the bank link again and log into the account and continue where you left off. You can continue to play, you can withdraw or do whatever you want.

How fast are instant casino payouts?

Because when logging into the instant casino, the person is immediately identified through the bank link, i.e. the bank has identified the person in the office and now the bank link is used to identify the person, the instant casino has no reason to ask the player for additional information. As a rule, the payout from the instant casinos reaches the bank account in a few minutes, a maximum of 15 minutes. The exception can be extremely rare special situations, where for some reason the player is still suspected of playing under someone else's account than his own.

This means that the player has obtained someone else's bank account logins and therefore may be subject to a check.

How safe are instant casinos?

Instant casinos are much safer than regular online casinos. If you can log into a normal online casino with a username and password, you can log into the fast casino through a bank link, which requires the presence of an ID card, Smart-ID or Mobile-ID.

Common passwords and usernames can be leaked in many different ways, such as using the same password on another site, hacking, keylogger, etc. What is Trustly instant casino payment agent?

Trustly is a Swedish company that deals with payment mediation - be it casinos, e-shops, any payments. The bottom line is that Trustly acts as an intermediary between the banks and the merchant, which adds security.

Even if the merchant's website is not secure or has been hacked, by making a payment through Trustly, your bank account codes will not reach third parties. That's why Trustly is very reliable.

In addition to payment mediation, Trustly has started to mediate customer data to instant casinos. Thanks to Trustly, the revolutionary era of instant casinos, also known as Pay N Play, has come into being.

Do instant casinos also offer bonuses?

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Similar to online casinos, instant casinos also offer bonuses, but recently a trend has started to spread that some instant casinos want to be as fast and easy as possible and earn the name instant casino.